Your cell phone - you take it everywhere. Chances are, your dog's face is already on your lock screen. Imagine having him there staring back at you as a work of art! 


Send us your three favorite pix of YOUR pooch and we'll send them back to you totally Jazzed!


**CAUTION** These pieces of art are a lot like dogs - they have a mind of their own. They are also incredibly fun and addictive! *don't say we didn't warn ya...*


YOUR DOG as Digital Art!

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  • These digital files are perfect for social media and showing your dog off to the world. They are low resolution and will not print well. Contact us at if you'd like high resolution files.

  • Do I have to re-upload my dog?


    Nope! We'll keep your precious pooch on file and when you decide to order a scarf, t-shirt, or whatever, they'll be waiting for you. Just place your order then write us a note and we'll get them ready to send home to you!








Once you place your order, you'll receive an email with a link to upload pics of your pooch!

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